It’s Time to Remove Your Pool

It’s Time to Remove Your Pool

Is your backyard paradise not living up to your expectations? Do you have your dream home, but not your dream backyard? Are you stuck with a pool that you do not love? Don’t leave it that way!

The thought of removing your pool can be scary. Imagining all the steel and plumbing that is buried beneath the water and concrete makes it seem like pool removal would be a difficult (and costly) undertaking. We are here to tell you that removing your pool does not have to be an expensive, lengthy process. In fact, it can be relatively quick and painless. With just an upfront fee, it is simple to get your pool filled in in no time. That seems much better than ongoing pool maintenance costs!

Although not as common as pool installations, pool removals happen quite often, especially with older homes. Practically all pools will reach that point where they have seen better days. A very old pool brings with it numerous issues, such as cracks in the plaster, chipped tiles, and leaks. When swimming pools (especially old swimming pools) are damaged to the degree that repairs would cost more than pool removal, it is wise to think of what would be a better investment and save money down the road. Why spend thousands investing in repairs for an old pool, when you will have to eventually replace or remodel it anyway?

One benefit of pool removals is that it may increase interested buyers when it is time to sell your home. With the rise in popularity of pool demolitions, more potential homeowners are thinking seriously about the costs of maintaining a pool. You may find that it is becoming more common for homeowners to not want a house with an already built-in pool. Additionally, those who do want a pool are most likely leaning toward designing their own unique pool to fit their taste and style preferences. Having an existing pool could sway some potential buyers from your home in the future.

Another benefit to tearing out your pool is the increased functionality of your backyard. It is no surprise that swimming pools take up a ton of space in your backyard paradise. When you fill the pool in, it is suddenly a brand new yard full of potential. This gives you the opportunity to keep the beautiful yard, with plenty of room for baseball, flag football, soccer, and barbeques! You could even install a fresh, new pool that better suits your family if you wanted to.

There are so many different reasons why homeowners choose to demolish a pool. For example:

  • They moved in thinking they could implement upgrades that would bring the pool to the next level, but those upgrades turned out to be way too expensive
  • They thought that maintaining a pool would not be too costly, but are finding pool maintenance to be draining the bank account
  • They bought a home with a beautiful pool, but are coming to find their family rarely uses it and would rather use the space for something else
  • They are worried about having young children around a pool, and would rather just eliminate the risk altogether
  • Or, they simply moved in planning to remove the pool from the beginning.

These are just a few reasons for wanting to demolish your pool. Just because you bought the house that does not mean that you have to keep it the way it is. You do not have to feel guilty about removing the previous owner’s pool. It’s your house, so make every aspect of it the way you want it!

Whatever your unique reason is, it may be time for a fresh start; it may be time to remove your pool.

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